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View a wide variety of image formats and perform basic editing functions
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Guest I'm using this since v. 3.0 and till now .. It's my favorit program to use for all of my fotowork!
Currnently: ACDSee 365 Plan (is with Ultimate 2018 version of ACDSee in it)

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Bill I have owned many versions of ACDSee beginning in the late 1990's, and am always unhappy with it. While it has some excellent features and works quickly when it works, my experience has been that it's the least stable commercial application I own. I have come to expect a crash at least every other time I use it, and in some cases, it crashes three or four times in a few hours. This is working in collections of about 75K images and a few thousand videos, on local drives in very high end systems. This has been happening over YEARS of ownership through different versions, (currently ACDSee Pro10) on different systems and with different windows O/S versions. To its credit it fails gracefully, and a restart is usually all that's required, but still a pain. My other issue is ACDSee is one of those companies that constantly releases small incremental changes (e.g. moveable menus), but treats them as major releases requiring a substantial paid upgrade. They basically want you on an annual subscription model constantly feeding in $. If I had it to do over again, I don't think its worth the time and money.

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Rick It has powerful photo editing tools and is easy to use without having to call up Photoshop and a lot of other nice features.

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Guest I like it because of the simplicity to organize and edit pictures.

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D. Yessa

D. Yessa A paid alternative for many cool free programs.

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Merry Perry ACDsee is very easy to use and make your photos brighter, more interesting.

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Jamie Brown

Jamie Brown ACDsee gives a lot of opportunities to edit photos.

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Guest I have been using this software since 1996 and have been very satisfied. I have been impressed with improvements made over the years in the software to add capabilities. My business is acoustic and vibration analysis, especially with rotating machinery. Many features have been added to make the software a better tool for the vibration analyst that have been a great benefit for me, such as the ability to integrate vibration acceleration data to view it as velocity data, which is the standard amplitude unit for vibration analysis, even though the sensors are typically accelerometers.

I do not think the software is expensive when you consider the capabilities this software offers.

I have always received excellent technical support from the folks at Pioneer Hill for this product. They have answered numerous questions from me in a timely fashion.

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ALEKS nice

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dergiu good

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Shohom Good

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BullBash Super

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Guest simple and easy to use

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follettrobert Once will never uninstall. Slows system, could not unistall even with Iolo system mechanic. Wish I never allowed it to install.

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Guest it is the best one

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